1. If the cell module is assembled with long wires and long copper bars, you must communicate with the BMS manufacturer to do impedance compensation, otherwise it will affect the consistency of the cell;

2. It is forbidden to connect the external switch on the BMS to other devices. If necessary, please confirm with the technical docking, otherwise we will not bear any responsibility for damage to the BMS;

3. When assembling, the protective plate should not directly touch the surface of the battery cell, so as not to damage the battery cell, and the assembly should be firm and reliable;

4. Be careful not to touch the components on the circuit board with the lead wire, soldering iron, solder, etc. during use, otherwise it may damage the circuit board. During use, pay attention to anti-static, moisture-proof, waterproof, etc.;

5. Please follow the design parameters and conditions of use during use, otherwise the protection board may be damaged;

6. After combining the battery pack and the protection board, if you find no voltage output or no charging when you power on for the first time, please check whether the wiring is correct;

7. From the date of purchase of the product (subject to the date stipulated in the contract), We will provide free warranty service for the purchased product according to the warranty period stipulated in the purchase contract. If the warranty period is not specified in the purchase contract, it will be provided by default 2 years free warranty service;

8. Clearly identifiable product serial numbers and contracts are important documents for obtaining services, so please keep them properly! If you cannot produce the purchase contract or the information recorded does not conform to the faulty product, or is altered, blurred, or unrecognizable, the free maintenance period for the faulty product will be calculated based on the production date displayed on the product’s factory barcode as the starting time , if the effective information of the product cannot be obtained, We will not provide free warranty service;

9. Maintenance fee = testing fee + man-hour fee + material fee (including packaging), the specific fee varies according to the product type and the replacement device. We will provide the customer with a specific quotation after the inspection. This standard warranty service commitment is only applicable to the components of the product you purchased when it leaves the factory;

10. The final interpretation right belongs to the company.