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Adapter light board suitable for 1101 and 1103 series products.

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Adapter light board suitable for 1101 and 1103 series products.

Introducing the LED002 Battery Pack Indicator Board, a revolutionary product designed to provide users with accurate and real-time information about their SOC batteries. With its advanced LED indicators, this adapter light board offers an efficient and convenient way to monitor the remaining capacity, operation, and alarm status of the battery pack.

Featuring a sleek and modern design, the LED002 is equipped with Four LED indicators specifically dedicated to displaying the remaining capacity of the SOC battery. Powered by advanced technology, these four LED indicators give users a clear and precise measurement of how much power is left in their battery pack. No more guessing or relying on inaccurate estimations; the LED002 ensures that you always have an accurate understanding of your battery's charge level.

In addition to the capacity indicators, the LED002 also includes two LED indicators that display the operation and alarm status. These indicators provide an instant visual representation of whether the battery pack is functioning properly or if it requires attention. This allows users to identify any potential issues or malfunctions before they become critical, ensuring the safety and reliability of their devices.

The LED002 is incredibly user-friendly and easy to install. Simply connect the adapter light board to your existing battery pack, and the LED indicators will immediately start providing you with valuable information. Its compact size makes it portable and compatible with a wide range of battery packs, making it a versatile solution for both personal and professional use.

Whether you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, a tech-savvy individual, or a professional in need of reliable battery monitoring, the LED002 Battery Pack Indicator Board is a must-have accessory. With its accurate and real-time battery information at your fingertips, you can now more efficiently plan and manage your power usage, ensuring that you never run out of juice when you need it the most.

Invest in the LED002 today and take control of your battery pack like never before. Experience the power of accurate battery monitoring and enjoy a hassle-free and efficient way to keep your devices powered up.

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