Self-locking Button Switch

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Metal push button switch is a switch widely used in electronic equipment. It is machined from metal materials and can withstand large different currents and AC DC voltages.

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The metal push button switch is one of the best-selling electronic switch components in the current era (usually a finger or palm) and is pressed with external force to control the power on and off. It has the advantages of being compact, beautiful and safe. It is a commonly used device that currently dominates various industries. electrical components.

Metal push button switches are widely used switches in electronic devices and will revolutionize the way you control power. It is made of high-quality metal material for excellent durability and can easily withstand high currents and AC and DC voltages. This essential electronic component will undoubtedly meet your needs in various industries.

Compact, beautiful and safe, our metal push button switches meet the growing demand for efficient power control. These switches are designed to be pressed with external force (usually with your finger or palm), providing a seamless experience when turning the device on and off. With their reliable design, you can trust these switches to ensure a reliable power connection.

Self-locking Button Switch6
Self-locking Button Switch33

Product Description

(1) It can be used in various fields such as mechanical equipment startup, hotel doorbell, access control system, home appliance field, industrial field, etc.

(2) Pure silver contacts, enhanced conductivity, high-performance raw materials, good conductivity, long life, stable and reliable quality

Mechanical Life Self-locking Switch3
Waterproof Level Self-locking Switch4
Environmental Temperature Resistance Self-locking Switch5
Temperature Resistant And Flame Retardant Self-locking Switch6


1. Anti-collision level IK08.

2. Explosion-proof disassembly function, durable; suitable for outdoor electronic equipment, etc.

3. Waterproof, dust proof and oil-drainable; waterproof grade IP65 (IP67 can be customized).

4. The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, with a metallic texture, which makes it more classy.

5. Mechanical life can reach up to 1 million times.

Style Selection

High Button Self-locking Button Switch5
Flat Button Self-locking Button Switch6
Self-locking Switch7

The Medical

Self-locking Switch8


Self-locking Switch9

Automation Equipment

As a commonly used device in various fields, metal push button switches have left an indelible mark on the electrical component industry. Whether it is mechanical equipment activation, hotel doorbells, access control systems, or even home appliances and industrial applications, our switches are versatile and can suit a variety of applications.

Our metal push button switches not only offer superior functionality but also provide visually appealing designs. The stylish and elegant appearance of these switches is sure to enhance the overall aesthetics of your electronic devices.

We take pride in manufacturing high-quality electronic components for our valued customers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our metal push button switches meet the highest standards in performance, reliability and durability.

With our metal push button switches, you can achieve seamless power control to keep your electronic devices running smoothly. Trust that our years of experience and expertise will bring you the best electronic switches. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with using our reliable metal push button switches in your projects.

Up your power control game with metal push button switches - a must-have component for electronics enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs alike. Trust us to provide quality products that meet your specific needs.

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